It's time for your business to start planning for the return of 18,000 troops to Fort Lewis.  According to stats at the Fort Lewis Ranger newspaper, the first wave of troops return beginning in the mid-March timeframe with the return of the 1st Corps headquarters and a couple other smaller units (roughly 1,500 sodleirs).

Then, beginning in May with advanced parties, three Stryker Brigades make the return over the summer, plus two other Fort Lewis brigades.

It's a major influx of troops returning with extra combat pay in their pockets.  To stay abreast of this news, follow the Fort Lewis Blog.
12/1/2010 01:49:57 pm

AVET Project would like to help you with the Welcome Home of our Troops.

Also, Iraq Combat Veteran Sgt Jeff Barillaro aka Soldier Hard recently returned from deployemnt earlier this year would like to perform a few songs for the troops.

We look forward to working with you.

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