Having been in the mattress manufacturing business since 1987, Ray Burgess exactly what it takes to deliver a good night’s sleep.

And he takes great pride in providing that service for military members at installations all across the country.

Burgess and his company, Mattress Makers, were introduced to doing business with the federal government about six years ago when Fort Lewis officials needed a quick turnaround on a large order of mattresses for the barracks.

“It was about getting (the mattresses) to them before a bunch of troops got home,” said Burgess, 59.

Burgess and his Tacoma based team delivered on the order, taking the first step in a relationship with the government that has been a great thing for both parties.

“It’s been a real good fit for my company,” said Burgess, who estimates about half of the 10,000 to 15,000 mattresses Mattress Makers manufactured last year went to the U. S. military.

The one order with Fort Lewis opened the door for Mattress Makers manufacturing mattresses for troops at Fort Huachuca, Ariz., Fort Lee, N.J., Hickam Air Force Base, Hi., Joint Base Lewis-McChord and West Point Military Academy.

“We try to make them the best mattress we can,” Burgess said. “It’s about that because they do a good job for us. We need to be responsible for keeping their standard of living at a high level. When they’re in the states at their home base, they should have the best (mattress) we can give them. That’s very important to me.”

Burgess said he’s lucky to have a crew of about 14 workers who understand the value of where the mattresses are going.

“They’re a good bunch,” he said. “Without them, I couldn’t do it.”

Mattress Makers (www.mattress-makers.com) specializes in custom-made mattresses and operates a manufacturing warehouse in the Tacoma Tideflats and a retail store in Parkland, located at 11122 Pacific Ave S.
— Tyler Hemstreet

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