Denise Dhane, vice president of the blossoming DuPont AUSA subchapter, recently got 100 pounds of coffee beans direct from Starbucks' corporate offices, and she instantly knew where to head for help with shipping.

"Community 1st Credit Union was ready to do something and was asking for ideas," Dhane said. "So this was the perfect way; those Soldiers need coffee to stay alert and focused on their work, so their adoptive business can deliver it to them."

The credit union, which recently built a large headquarters building in the city of DuPont, agreed to pay the priority shipping on the coffee and literally buy the Soldiers a cup (or a pot) of coffee.

"Even though it is extremely hot here right now, coffee is brewing day and night, so this a very generous offer," said Col. Scott Avery, commander of the Task Force 47th Combat Support Hospital, via e-mail. "The 62nd Medical Brigade has five companies over here right now from JBLM and I know they all would enjoy some of Starbucks finest."

The 20 plus boxes of java will be sent to Avery and then distributed among his Soldiers at their various locations throughout Afghanistan.

"We want to thank all the folks in advance for this wonderful gift!" Avery said.

For Community 1st, this is just the start of their campaign to support the local military, according to president and CEO Roger Gieseke, who served in the Air Force himself.

"Our focus is to thank them for their service any way we can," Gieseke said.

Photo caption: Denise Dhane, AUSA DuPont subchapter vice president, and Roger Gieseke, president and CEO of Community 1st Credit Union, hold a couple of the many boxes filled with Starbucks coffee that will be sent downrange to Soldiers in the 47th Combat Support Hospital.

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