• The Lacey Chamber of Commerce is organizing an Adopt-a-Unit for the 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team at JBLM.
  • Learn how your business can adopt units within the 3-2 SBCT to begin a long term reciprocal relationship of support in the community.   A couple examples would be to invite your assigned unit to your company's activities or they could help you with a community project.  Another example would be to send care packages during long deployments or to take care of the families left behind.  Your amount of involvement depends on you and your assigned unit.    There are different size units to select from:  50 - 100 people (small); 100 - 150 (medium); 150 - 200 (large).   
The Lacey Chamber also expects to  have a similar Adopt-a Squadron program for our Air Force.  
To learn more, email Carlene Joseph at Harborstone Credit Union: [email protected].

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