The new Internet site, JaBLAM.com - a place for our local military folks to find the military discounts they have so rightly earned - was introduced to the market.
 "All over the South Sound, local businesses honor our troops everyday with military discounts, but knowing where those are takes a lot of research," Ken Swarner, co-owner of Swarner Communications said.  "JaBLAM.com now does that work for our troops."

  The site launched this week with over 200 deals.  Those numbers will continue to grow over the next few months.

  Swarner choose a superhero theme for the JaBLAM site.

  "We see our military as superheroes, so it made sense to make one our central figure," Swarner said.  "JaBLAM man will be at events this year handing out balloons to the kids, plus we'll have some contests and other events as well."

   JaBLAM.com will also feature a daily newsletter offering additional military discounts, plus alert military folks to new deals added to the site.  That newsletter begins March 11.  To sign-up for the newsletter, click here.

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