The Pet Brigade on the Joint Base treated local firefighters to free pizza on 9-11.  See the story here.
Heightened security fears and two wars propelled growth at Joint Base Lewis-McChord over the past decade, boosting the Army’s ranks in the South Sound and injecting billions of dollars into the region’s economy.

A few numbers help tell the story of how quickly the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and the subsequent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq intensified the Army’s expansion plans for the base south of Tacoma.

 • The number of soldiers at the base swelled from fewer than 19,000 before the terror attacks to more than 34,000 today. Some belong to units that grew because of the wars, such as the Green Berets in the 1st Special Forces Group. Others, such as the base’s three Stryker brigades, might have expanded even without the conflicts, officers said.

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Our next big party - an effort to salute our local military kids who have sacrificed so much during the past 10 years is now open for reservations.  The FREE event is a fitting tribute to children that have passed many milestones in their lives while a parent or parents have been deployed.
This event will show them that their trials and tribulations have not gone unnoticed by the local business community.
If your biz would like to participate, email us here.
To see the story on the event, click here.