Madigan Foundation president Alfred Buck, second from left, and foundation board member Leslie Burger, right, show their support for the Madigan Healthcare System by attending a recent Research Day at Madigan Army Medical Center. /Courtesy photo

In the early 1980s, Jack Gamble, a retired Air Force major general who was working at Madigan Army Medical Center, came across a military spouse who couldn't afford a stroller to push her newborn around in.

Gamble refused to sit idle and watch that young mother and other's needs like hers go unfulfilled.

"He would see to it they would find a way to have a stroller," said Alfred Buck, who was close friends with Gamble, who passed away recently.

What started with one man wanting to fill a need to prevent someone falling through the cracks in a large system blossomed years later with the creation of the Madigan Foundation.

Northwestmilitary.com has two new "community" sites dedicated to helping military spouses looking for jobs, and/or helping them promote their home based businesses.

You may see them here:

Hire A Spouse

Home Based Central
Pacific Grill in T-Town offers military folks free valet parking.  Isn't that cool!  
The Olympian newspaper has an editorial out this a.m. blaming, in part, the DoD for congestion on I-5.  We'd like to encourage everyone to follow this issue, leave comments, and remind people that it's not the DoD's fault or problem to fix.  It's our problem - a good, economic and great social problem to have. We are lucky to have our military here.  Urge local elected officials to fix this.  The Olympian editorial is here.
Anita Nowacin writes: Every "New" member of the Tacoma AUSA Subchapter will receive a pendant on a cord, key chain, earrings, or stretch bracelet(their choice)! Those who sign up the most new members will receive a $50 gift card for the business of their choice, plus I have 2nd and 3rd prizes! This contest starts April 1 (NO APRIL FOOLS!) and ends May 31.  To join, contact her at anowocin@yahoo.com