Do you have any idea the buying power a single soldier at Joint Base Lewis-McChord has?  
  First, take a look at the pay chart.
  Any where from $1645 to $2231 depending on rank and how long they've been in (between 2-4 years).  Now, consider this — no rent, no food costs, no medical.  It's practically pure spending cash.  How many 20 years do you know with that much cash inter pockets?
   Thirty-percent of all paychecks cashed in Pierce County come from Joint Base Lewis-McChord.  
   Start connecting with single soldiers today in your business.  
 The Ranger newspaper's Ken Swarner, publisher, has been named the new DuPont Sub-chapter President for the Captain Meriwether Lewis Chapter of the Association of the United States Army at Joint Base Lewis-McChord.
   "I am inviting all DuPont businesses and residents to join me in getting this sub-chapter off the ground.  We will actively support the 62nd Medical Brigade, as well as be the point team for the Chapter's Single Soldier Barracks program," Swarner said.  "You can reach me at[email protected]."
Here is a copy of the new Growth study on JBLM.  It may answer questions for business about the future o the military bases.  Also look to the Ranger and NW Airlifter newspapers for the next several weeks as we pick through the study and present the information to the general public.

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